Meet the team and learn more about Esper’Ance In Action: our history, vision, mission and why we do what we do.


Our Team

Abel Page


Abel brings more than 10 years of experience as a sustainability practitioner with extensive knowledge in sustainability, responsible finance, and community engagement.

He started as an ESG consultant, rating companies on their sustainability practices and advising international shareholders to implement socially responsible investment
strategies. He then moved on to the extractive industry where he evolved from a site-based environment & community relations position in West Africa to a corporate sustainability manager role in Toronto where he led the implementation of the Company’s sustainability strategy.

Strong with these experiences, when the pandemic hit in March 2020, he decided that it was time for a change and left the corporate world to focus on his farm and local community. He joined a local food business and mental health services social entreprise where for 8 months he developed the sustainability strategy for the company and supported the operations during the covid crisis. In the meantime, he completed farming courses and learnt more about creating sustainable food systems that can sustain our development.

Abel is an idealist, altruist and the ultimate team-player. He is a connector, strong communicator and is known to excel at understanding its interlocutor’s needs and do his best to find actionable solutions to their needs.


MSc Environmental Management for Business – Cranfield University (UK) – 2009

MSc Mining Geology Engineering – LaSalle Beauvais (FR) – 2009

BSc Geology – LaSalle Beauvais (FR) – 2007

Key Successes

Sustainability Awards:

Global Compact Canada Network United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) Environmental & Social Responsibility


2022 Environment Award from the Town of Erin Environment & Sustainability Advisory Committee – Learn more here

IRRI Survey 2012 – cited in categories of Best ESG Analyst, Best Governance Analyst, Best Salesperson


Member since 12/2021

IE 101 – 11/2021

Prove – 01/2022

Member since 01/2022

Member since 03/2022

Community Grant 2022 

Environment Award 2022

Climate Change is a fact

Yet our brains are wired to ignore it.

Our Story

Esper’Ance was created in 2021 after several years of reflections on the best way to make a contribution to the world.

In this ever changing world, it seems now impossible to continue ignoring how the Human race has impacted our planet and not act on it to build a sustainable future for the next generations.

Climate Change is one of our biggest challenge as a species but tackling it is intertwined with so many issues that we could not address it on its own. In a world where racism, gender inequality, hunger, health are still daily issues faced by many, we have to take an holistic look at how we create a better, sustainable, equitable future for all.

Esper’Ance aims to do just that. Create a safe environment where people and institutions can access resources, information and tools to make an impact daily to build a better world.

It is to easy to say that alone we cannot change a thing.

Our Vision & Mission


Creating a nurturing and compassionate community where individuals and institutions are empowered to tackle society’s biggest challenges while unlocking the full social, environmental and financial value of sustainable solutions. 


ESPER: Empower Sustainable Practices & Environmental Regeneration

ANCE: Advocate & Nurture Climate Education

Esper'Ance is a Social Enterprise

We are doing good and we mean it!


Our mission is to help as much people as we can to tackle climate change and sustainability issues to create an healthier, more equitable and more sustainable world for tomorrow.


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Our Values

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