A Collaborative Network

Build by the community, for the community to maximize impact and build resilience.

Tackling climate change requires collaboration

In this video, discover how Esper’Ance in Action aims to co-create a network involving various actors to tackle climate change and sustainability in Wellington County.

Through this extended network, Esper’Ance in Action will achieve the following:

  • Building resilient communities;
  • Popularize alternatives & make them affordable;
  • Support local actors and celebrate changemaking;
  • Amplify impact, provide a platform and a united voice to support change on a larger scale.

Who makes the network? 


Esper’Ance will progressively build the team of practitioner to provide services to the network in-house or on a project basis. 


Businesses, not-for-profits, associations, citizens’ groups, providing alternatives and excited to join forces for bigger impact.


Anyone in the community with an interest in climate and wanting to do more while benefiting from a strong community.


Institutions, individuals, government agency who want to support this network and / or mandate it to tackle specific projects or campaigns.

Why join the network?

Get the word out

Leverage impacts

Gain recognition

Build support

Create Community

Interested in learning more? Please use the form below to get in touch and learn how you can get involved: 

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