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Now more than ever, we need to come together and join forces to address the challenges that are coming our way. Dealing with climate change and social impact can be daunting, overwhelming and lonely. It does not have to be that way!  

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Our Membership Packages

We will soon be able to share our membership packages, which will be progressively developed as we launch. They include a mix of online content, exclusive content, experiences and events for you to enjoy and support us.

Learn with the Climate Fresk

Curious to know more about climate change? Learn with us by taking part to a climate fresk game. This 3-hour workshop is perfect to engage on this topic, in a group up to 8 people.

You can either join us through a session near you or organise a dedicated session for your community, organisation or company. 

Who can fresk? Anyone! individuals, non profits, charities, friends, companies, even teenagers! No need to be an expert!

What is it? A 3-hour workshop done in groups from 4 to 8 people where as a group you learn on causes and consequences of climate change.

When to do it? Anytime! Contact us to organise a session for your group or join one of the session we organise (coming soon).

Where? Either online or in-person.

Why do it? To learn about climate, engage and reflect on the topic and ignite the will for action!