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Growth in the Town of Erin – Explainer

The Town of Erin is at the start of what can be seen as an overwhelming growth phase. Let’s try to summarize what is going on, factually.

Navigating the transition to Electric Vehicles

I’ve been on the market for an EV and thought I’d share what I learned along the way as it is a stiff learning curve.

Great Lakes: A climate haven?

I often hear that the Great Lakes region will not be affected by climate change and that we are lucky to be in this region. If it is true that the Great Lakes will fare somewhat better than other regions regarding climate change, they will certainly not be spared.

Repeal Bill 23

Bill 23 – More homes built faster was passed in Parliament. This is bad news but there is still time to call on the government to repeal it.

Recipient of Erin’s ESAC 2022 Environment Award

Esper’Ance in Action is recognized by earning a local Environment Award in Erin.

Earth Day 2022 Celebrations

Join us to celebrate Earth Day and learn more about our planet!

Measure your carbon footprint

Project Neutral helps you understand how you can reduce your impact on climate at home.

Building a Collaborative Network

Discover our vision to create a collaborative network to tackle climate change & sustainability

Results of our community survey

Time to share the results of the online survey on climate change & sustainability in Wellington County.

Facilitating the Climate Fresk

The Climate Fresk is an engaging tool to communicate on climate and spark action.