Earth Day 2022 Celebrations

Written by Abel

Abel is the founder of Esper’Ance In Action. He is a Sustainability & social impact practitioner for 12+ years. Value driven, Abel loves to build community, engage and solve complex problems with empathy and compassion.

April 22, 2022

Earth Day is kind of a big deal in terms of environmental awareness and celebrations! This is why we are participating in numerous ways to share the love and engage more people in the community to take action.

Here is a summary of how we are celebrating!

1. April 20th – Lunch & Learn with the Guelph Wellington Business Centre on 8 steps towards a low carbon workplace. ICYMI, you can watch the recording here.

2. April 23rd – Full day celebration in Erin with our friends from the Town of Erin’s Environment & Sustainability Advisory Committee. See the poster of the event here.

3. April 23rd from 12 to 3 PM – I will have a booth at the Erin event with other eco-vendors and exhibitors. Come visit for the following:

a) A raffle where you could win a copy of “Saving Us” By Katherine Hayhoe, a free Climate Fresk workshop or other free services from Esper’Ance in Action

b) The Launch of a community Project Neutral Campaign to encourage people measuring their impact and learn how their daily choices impact climate change

c) A display of our 50 years of sustainability infographic where you can learn how the environmental movement has evolved since the first Earth Day in 1970.

Join me to celebrate Earth Day and learn how YOU can make a difference at home and at work! 

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