Facilitating the Climate Fresk

Written by Abel

Abel is the founder of Esper’Ance In Action. He is a Sustainability & social impact practitioner for 12+ years. Value driven, Abel loves to build community, engage and solve complex problems with empathy and compassion.

January 27, 2022

Originated in France, by Professor Cedric Rigenbach, the Climate Fresk started as a workshop to help students decipher the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reports.

Seen how successful it was and how it sparked conversation about climate, Rigenbach decided to make the Fresk an open license tool with the goal to have 1 Million people being sensitized to climate change by the Fresk. The tool is currently being deployed in 50 countries and +300,000 people have been through it.

Esper’Ance in Action is proud to be part of the community and to do its part to engage people through the tool. Talking about climate is never easy and the tool is very interesting to convene, understand how issues are intertwined  and to spark discussions around actions.

Who can fresk? Anyone! individuals, non profits, charities, friends, companies, even teenagers! No need to be an expert!

What is it? A 3-hour workshop done in groups from 4 to 8 people where as a group you learn on causes and consequences of climate change.

When to do it? Anytime! Contact us to organise a session for your group or join one of the session we organise (coming soon).

Where? Either online or in-person.

Why do it? To learn about climate, engage and reflect on the topic and ignite the will for action!

On January 26th, we convened our first Climate Fresk online with fellows Climate Venturers! 🙂 Happy to report that the event was successful and that a lot of lessons learned have sparked from this exercise, to help improve future workshops. We are committed to continuously improve and become better so we always appreciate feedbacks and suggestions.

Curious to know more about climate change? Learn with us by taking part to a climate fresk game. This 3-hour workshop is perfect to engage on this topic, in a group up to 8 people.

You can either join us through a session near you or organise a dedicated session for your community, organisation or company.

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