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Written by Abel

Abel is the founder of Esper’Ance In Action. He is a Sustainability & social impact practitioner for 12+ years. Value driven, Abel loves to build community, engage and solve complex problems with empathy and compassion.

April 11, 2022


Free & Online – August 24 th – 7:00 PM

In this 1hr workshop geared towards individuals, you will learn how to measure your carbon footprint with Project Neutral, learn about climate and have your questions answered.

When thinking about climate change, one can become overwhelmed and think that individual action do not matter. It is also possible to think that acting on climate takes time, money and resources that are not available.

That said, there are easy steps that one can take to reduce their impact and discover the benefits of doing so; whether they are financial, environmental or health and well-being related.

The first step is to understand where the impact is coming from and how to reduce it. This is why, Esper’Ance in Action is launching a Project Neutral Campaign in the community: to encourage people to learn about climate and take action at their level and at their pace.

Project Neutral is an online tool that helps people understand how their daily choices impact climate change. It is totally free to use and provides information on how to reduce your impact daily.

To get started, go to the website and register to measure your impact! Once in your dashboard, you can click on the “Your Community” tab to join Esper’Ance in Action’s group so you can see how your footprint compares to others and where are the biggest gap in the community! To join the Group, use the code EIA123

Video tutorial to access the tool

Ready to take action?!

In 3 minutes and by answering few questions, discover how your daily actions impact climate change and how to reduce your impact.

In addition to completing your footprint, join us on social medias for regular tips and updates  on how to reduce your impact and stay up to date with our events and workshops where we will be discussing findings from Project Neutral. 

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