Esper Ance In Action joins CSI Climate Ventures

Written by Abel

Abel is the founder Esper’Ance In Action. He is a Sustainability & social impact practitioner for 12+ years. Value driven, Abel loves to build community, engage and solve complex problems with empathy and compassion.

October 4, 2021


I am usually not one to brag and to share this kind of things but this is huge! I am super excited to announce that I have been accepted to join the Impact Entrepreneurship 101 program from Climate Ventures.

This is a big step for me and Esper’Ance In Action as it takes us one step further in making this whole project happen and provides a lot of support from like-minded individuals. This Accelerator program is the perfect forum to take us to the next step and might open a number of opportunities in the future. 

Climate Ventures is a joint collaboration from Toronto’s Centre for Social Innovation and Foresight Canada aiming to “fast track the success of early-stage entrepreneurs and innovators developing and implementing solutions to the climate crisis.” 

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